Entitled ‘VENUS COMB, MUREX SHELL’, the new Botter collection refers to this process by which elements of cross-cultural patterns are blended together to create something new. 

Mixing influences, codes and colors into a new proposition. Approaching fashion with its own proclaimed Caribbean Couture spirit, creating something from nothing.

This season, Botter wanted to propose the winter version of its colors palette, garments made in the Botter Blue brand color, inspired by the emerald, turquoise Caribbean Sea. This new collection introduces bags made from recycled bicycle saddles, embracing their worn-out details as something precious rather than trash. The brand introduced for this autumn winter collection garments that blend the seasonal codes of winter and summer into one.

In this collection, Botter collaborated with Reebok and they crafted a concept sneaker. Taking its unusual look from the Murex seashell used by the Greek Goddess Venus to comb her hair. The core of the shape is an evolution of the first Botter “Banker” shoe designed in 2017, with a Reebok football boot silhouette used as the basis to create from. 

photography ZUPANOV @zupanov