words by Nadia ten Hove

In a dazzling spectacle, BOSS, the renowned fashion powerhouse, celebrated the grand reopening of its Leidsestraat Store in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam on October 12th. The evening marked not just the unveiling of a beautifully revamped store but also a tribute to the essence of Amsterdam itself.

To honor the occasion, BOSS collaborated with six influential local leaders, capturing their essence in captivating portraits that now adorn the store’s windows. From the graceful speed skater Jutta Leerdam to the lyrical prowess of rapper Frenna, these portraits, part of the “BOSSes of Amsterdam” initiative, echo the brand’s mantra: ‘BOSSes aren’t born, they’re made.’ This project not only celebrates local heroes but also provides them a platform to share their inspiring journeys, creating a powerful narrative that resonates with the city’s spirit.

The store opening was a star-studded affair, with renowned personalities like Anna Drijver, Elise Schaap, and Gregory van der Wiel gracing the event. The guests, bedecked in BOSS from head to toe, added a touch of glamour to the evening. Welcomed on a luxurious black carpet, reminiscent of BOSS’s signature style, attendees were treated to a delightful blend of music curated by DJs IMANI, Claire Lyons, and Dave Nunes. The night crescendoed with an electrifying performance by Frenna, leaving the audience in awe.

Amidst the music and laughter, the store stood as a testament to BOSS’s commitment to sophistication and style. Designed by the visionary architect Mona William, the store’s 788 square meters exuded elegance. Its reopening, which officially took place on September 15th, showcases a meticulously curated selection, including BOSS women’s clothing, BOSS men’s clothing, and BOSS Kids, providing Amsterdam’s fashion enthusiasts with a haven of timeless elegance.

BOSS’s Leidsestraat Store, now infused with new life, serves as a beacon of fashion and culture in the heart of Amsterdam, a testament to BOSS’s dedication to shaping not just wardrobes but also the very essence of style in the city.