Style is unique. Style is democratic. Style is what allows you to show your best side. Style is what you distinguish yourself with and with which you recognize color.

The brand new launched jewelry label: Bosphora knows that the most striking styles come from confidence, and that confidence in turn comes from acceptance, self-love and the freedom to express what you do. That is why the European label designs a range of jewelry for everyone: him, her and them. Be Brilliant Together Bosphora owes its name to the meeting point of Asia and Europe. With a brand identity inspired by Barcelona's street culture, Bosphora is about the convergence of different worlds – a modern, dynamic style without boundaries, which ties in with the founder's roots. The label stands for the latest trends, translated into a range of sterling silver & gold plated jewelry, but also for a community, a connection, a network.

“More than ever, we need each other to pull each other through the most challenging moments. We find each other in our style, because what connects us, and what ignites our passions, we design the different collections based on this philosophy.” Shares Bosphora's Head of Design.

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