Five women interpret the beauty and uniqueness of being Italian, in the new concept that celebrates the roots of the brand's DNA with authenticity. 

An affirmation of pride that passes through the multi-faceted faces of five Italian women with an authentic and kaleidoscopic personality: Giulia MaenzaAurora TalaricoHoda El Hadef, Greta Ferroand Nabou Thiamare the protagonists of #BornInItaly, the new Fall/Winter 20 campaign by Liu Jo that dedicates next season to Italy, the origin and guardian of the brand's most authentic DNA. The concept thus continues the brand story started for the brand's 25th anniversary with the chapter #BornIn1995, metaphorically broadening its objective to include an original and personal celebration of its roots. 

#BornInItaly is for Liu Jo a story that symbolically unites all women to a typically Italian vision of multifaceted and multi-shaped femininity, and that manifests itself perfectly thanks to the glamorous and fresh codes of the campaign; a completely digital exercise, born to be enjoyed in a dynamic and immediate way also and especially online. It focuses on the exaltation of a light and positive "Italian way", far from clichés but naturally nonchalant and self-confident for anyone who wears it.

The shots of the campaign then appear as a sort of joyful hymn dedicated to Italy and above all as a dedication that Liu Jo addresses to Italian women and their personalities, telling the charm and enchantment of a country that has never stopped dreaming. Today more than ever.

The images, made in a studio by Giampaolo Sgura, exalt the young women – models and actresses with a strong personality, interpreters of different and magnetic beauties – and the Liu Jo outfits for next season, leaving important space to the world of denim, accessories and footwear. There is also a series of engaging video contents, played on the characteristics of individual women and on a personal and fascinating interpretation of the Italian spirit. An unexpected approach, which – focusing on essential treatments and neutral backgrounds – enhances the iconic and convincing attitude of the protagonists, also associated with their place of birth. A sort of signaturethat pays homage to the origins and roots of each one: a precious memory that tells the pride of being #BornInItaly.