Words by Marie-Pauline Cesari

How big is your pop right now?

Pop Trading Company, the Amsterdam-based label founded by Peter Kolks and Ric Van Rest, is capping off 2023 in style with an exclusive capsule collection crafted with Adidas Originals.

This collaboration follows Pop’s series of successful partnerships, from Burberry to Paul Smith. Pop Trading Company and Adidas have delved into their archives to craft the ideal uniform, from caps to shoes, for skaters and non-skaters alike. A highlight of the collection? The zip-off trousers that effortlessly transform into shorts, perfect for hitting the pavement and shedding layers. But word has it that fashionistas will also appreciate the piece, as it offers numerous styling possibilities.

The collection’s release is complemented by a fantastic film, introducing the ‘Pop Training Company’, a fictional organization offering skateboard training.

The film portrays a rigorous school that not only improves the physical and mental aspects of the skaters, but also offers an educational experience, with the promise of improving their “pop factor”.  Whether you’re into skateboarding or not, the Hogwarts-like school portrayed in the film might make you nostalgic for school days and make you embrace this illustrious uniform to celebrate the spirit of the ‘Pop’. 

Shop the collection online.