written by Nadia ten Hove
photography by Miyanne Maassen van den Brink

Boiler Room Festival recently set Amsterdam ablaze with a lineup that defied musical norms and pushed the boundaries of sonic exploration. Among the standout artists were CEM, Jayda G and the avant-garde force, Brutalismus 3000.

CEM, a core member of Herrensauna, brought a unique brand of intense hysteria honed in the hedonistic environment of Berlin’s underground parties. His mysterious presence and music selection injected intensity into the techno scene, making him a noteworthy figure on the world stage.

Grammy Nominated producer Jayda G brought infectious energy to the festival, drawing from her vibrant beats and dynamic stage presence. Her rise through the dance music underground culminated in the release of her debut album “Significant Changes.” A high-energy performer, Jayda G’s DJ-Kicks mix captured the lively spirit of her influences.

Ending the festival with a bang: Brutalismus 3000, the Berlin duo of Victoria Vassiliki Daldas and Theo Zeitner. Their blend of techno, post-punk, and gabber took clubs by storm, raising unprecedented levels of hype in the dance music world. Their debut album, “ULTRAKUNST,” is a fierce and self-assured manifestation of curdled rage and humor, representing a truly unique addition to the electronic music landscape.

Brutalismus 3000’s sound, self-described as “nu-gabber-post-techno-punk,” defies easy categorization. Influenced by D.A.F. and rooted in trance and electroclash, their music has a punk snarl with a heavy coating of distortion. The trilingual mix of English, Slovakian, and German lyrics adds a cosmopolitan and edgy touch, exposing the contradiction at the heart of their appeal.

The duo’s music, while not revolutionary, stands out for its personalities, willingness to experiment, and a unique ability to navigate extremes. They poke fun at the electronic music scene while participating in it, embodying a generation that questions and embraces the paradoxes of the nightlife culture.

Boiler Room Festival in Amsterdam transcended the conventional, offering a sonic journey through the realms of techno, house, and experimental sounds. All artists showcased the festival’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music, creating an immersive experience that resonated with diverse audiences. As Boiler Room continues to be a guide to discovering new sounds, it remains a vital platform for both established and emerging talents in the electronic music scene.