The multidisciplinary artist Bodi Samba presents his latest project IMPACT, a sub-project of his artistic concept IDENTITY.

“Identity” is a way of exploring my identity and my artistic identity. 

It is an artistic concept that I have put in place to give me more freedom in my creative process and artistic exploration.

It is about expressing my creative vision in the freest possible way, without any preconceived criteria, in order to bring out my own identity. The artist does not have to justify or explain their creation because it is the fruit of their imagination.

“Impact” highlights the variation that a state of mind can have in the process of exploring identity.

When I talk about variation, I see a person moving from one state of mind to another. This is what I call identity exploration. We all need a moment of variation in our lives to change the way we see ourselves and to find our real selves.

The “Impact” project highlights a person who explores their identity and is not afraid of the impact society can have on them, despite the hold society tries to have on us (a person who accepts the fact that they are different). 

“Impact” shows a universe that is understood by people who have chosen to be free and to explore a world without any hold.

– Bodi Samba

Bodi Samba was born in Congo, where he spent most of his childhood. From a young age on, he has always had a special relationship with the art world from Africa to Europe. Now, the multidisciplinary artist is based in Berlin. In his work he focuses on identity and the exploration of multiple artistic entities.

creative direction & art direction BODI SAMBA @bodisamba
photography BODI SAMBA
production WHITNEY KIALA
styling BODI SAMBA
makeup NAOMZZ
model LYA