After 5 years, BLUEMARBLE has truly proven itself as a respectable brand in the fashion industry. This Spring-Summer 2025 collection is inspired by the complexities of our everyday life. Little things that, in perspective can have major influences on our lives.

On the day of the 2024 summer solstice, BLUEMARBLE shines maximum light across its bold and unifying vision. Five years of creation beyond boundaries brings us to this collection, where we in-dulge our planetary fascinations like Pangaea and the Butterfly Effect as visual metaphors that bring perspective to the complexities of everyday life. 

Anthony Alvarez

BLUEMARBLE presents elevated tailoring and evolved silhouettes in the form of constructed coats in dry gray-melange wool as well as an ivory sailor-tuxedo suit with satin detailing and pants decorated with distinctive old-over pleats. Besides introducing new shilouettes, the designer took inspiration from some classic pieces and rethought them. Weather it is a coach jacket with a bloused back; a striped shirt lined with T-shirt cotton; a hybrid sleeveless hoodie-sports bib; or jeans with displaced waistbands and shadow pockets.

Since earth itself – our shared home, a tiny sphere from space – is an endless source of inspiration, we celebrate the Orbis Terrarum, recognized as the first modern atlas, as if the name of a favorite sports team, and use ‘Transcontinental’ to emphasize that we remain geographically connected outside our all-consuming digital world. 

Anthony Alvarez

Staying with the classics, BLUEMARBLE’s signature sportswear style represented in beach shorts, keeps a fresh vibe throughout the collection. While details such as beads on denim patches affixed to leather or full-length coats in ivory and black are traced with large studs keep the contrasts going. Layers of Cargo items made a re-appearance throughout the whole collection, as well as wallet chains on jeans and shirt pockets embellished with pen caps and witty ink splotches in microcrystals. Instead of using riff camouflage patterns as an effect to blend in, BLUEMARBLE used the pattern against its nature as a statement print with bold colors to stand out.

Notably, the BLUEMARBLE woman is now emerging with her own story to tell. Whether an embroidered shirt that she twists for waist emphasis, or through unexpected layering and high-fashion boots, she further embodies the multi-faceted character and inclusive ethos of our brand. 

Anthony Alvarez 

A jersey jumpsuit surfaced with rhinestones and the words, “Are you lonely? Call me.” The statement reappears on the back of the warmup jacket. A big highlight of the collection is the debut of the BLUEMARBLE loafer, polished yet punk. Featuring a turned-over tongue, metal coils and a signature plaque along the heel. The loafer comes in three different colorways: patina-effect brown, ivory and crimson. The looks are completed by oversized accessories including a canvas carryall and a feather-trimmed summer chapka.