This season, BLUEMARBLE conjures a high-energy wardrobe influenced by the carnivals of New Orleans and Venice, channeling two legendary celebrations where people shed their inhibitions and dress up as their most carefree and colorful selves. 

The collection plays out with even greater emphasis on individual expression. Looks are composed of eclectic layers that reveal tactile materials and intricate surface details. Fake fur in a rainbow wash envelops reversible outerwear and spills out from flared denim. The brand’s recognizable wave pattern shimmers in sequin decoration, from the fronts of shirts to the sides of trousers that make up a pinstripe suit.

The BLUEMARBLE style continues to juxtapose visual excitement and youthful silhouettes. As each collection is also an opportunity to experiment, specialized treatments to fabrics have yielded original outcomes: a specific shade of turquoise denim, perfectly lived-in jersey, an ample dress coat that is simultaneously elegant and distressed. A finalist for the 2023 International Woolmark Prize, BLUEMARBLE has imagined merino wool in creative applications that are true to the brand like a jacquard fronted with a trippy mask design.

 “Not only was I drawn to the elaborate aesthetics of these two carnivals, I wanted to capture a sense of hedonism and a certain counterculture iconography,” says Anthony Alvarez. “While the clothes are removed from the realm of costume, they are elevated beyond the ordinary and show how embellishment can be worn every day. This is the essence of BLUEMARBLE.”