Thumping bass reverberates through the vibrant streets of Amsterdam as ravers clad in black leather navigate their way from one party to another – Amsterdam Dance Event is back. This iconic annual gathering celebrates electronic music and its thriving scene and industry, renowned for hosting rave events of the highest quality. And this year, a very special event series is making its debut at ADE – BlackWorks.

Originating in Madrid in 2019 as an event promoter and record label, BlackWorks has earned high acclaim in the techno circuit. Drawing on the extensive experience of its team, close connection to the scene, and an unwavering commitment to impeccable sound and artist curation, BlackWorks has firmly established itself as one of Europe’s premier techno and hard-techno events.

“BlackWorks emerged from a need to offer something different to the audience, to create a ‘brand’ and a collective with new energy where the audience felt part of the movement and embraced new sounds and emerging artists that were not finding a place in the international scene.”

Dexphase, founder of BlackWorks

This philosophy resonates throughout BlackWorks’ events, showcasing a diverse range of sounds and artists. Their lineups span from underground weapons to revered greats of the genre, encompassing fast and groovy beats to hard techno and trance, and beyond. With a repertoire that boasts over 100 artists, including Setaoc Mass, Randomer, D.Dan, Cleric, Vladimir Dubyshkin, Hèctor Oaks, 9×9, and Trym, the list goes on and on and continues to grow.

BlackWorks has played host to these legendary rave nights that sell out regularly in the most emblematic venues across Spain, from Barcelona to Ibiza, Mallorca, and more, solidifying its status as one of the leading electronic music brands in the country. However, the success of BlackWorks has transcended Spanish borders. With expansions in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Colombia, to name a few, the event series operates on an international scale, forging collaborations with esteemed brands like Club OST in Berlin, Nexus in France, Groove, Brunch Electronik, and many others.

“We never expected the impact we are having.
When you realise that you have fans and followers from all over the world, when Europe, the United States, Australia, and South America start showing interest in showcasing BlackWorks, you realise the magnitude of what we are doing.”


One joint event worth eagerly anticipating is BlackWorks’ partnership with the renowned Netherlands-based rave event organization, Verknipt, for ADE. Taking place on October 21st at the World Fashion Centre Amsterdam, this rave night promises an immersive experience filled with BlackWorks’ signature high-quality sounds and mesmerizing visual lighting effects. A lineup including artists like Dexphase, Skryption, Brecc, DLV, Barbara Lago, and many more, guarantees an incomparable ADE experience of raving the night away to energy-loaded hard techno sets.

In addition to this highly anticipated rave night, BlackWorks will also be hosting events at Monegros Desert Festival on July 29th and the 10th anniversary of R Label Group in Madrid on December 5th, rounding up this year of BlackWorks’ exceptional techno events.

By Thore Damwerth