Last weekend, the long-awaited first festival of 2024 took place: Paaspop is one of the most popular music festivals in the Netherlands and a place to celebrate music, culture, and community. The highlight of this spectacular festival was the surprise performance by one of the most celebrated Dutch artists, Bizzey. On Saturday night, an unexpected and exciting moment occurred when Bizzey decided to give a spontaneous encore in the Caribbean setting of CASA BACARDÍ at Paaspop. Enthusiastic fans were able to party up close and celebrate this exclusive performance, with Bizzey’s characteristic energy, charisma, and extensive range of hits, the CASA was engulfed with intense energy.

How did the intimate setting of Casa BACARDÍ during Paaspop influence your artistic expression, and how did this translate into your performance?

It translated into something more personal because it’s so intimate and face-to-face with the audience. You become part of the party instead of just giving the show, so it felt more organic, and to be honest, I really liked it that way.

Can you tell us more about the outfit you wore during the performance at Casa BACARDÍ and how it reflected your personal style and artistic vision?

I was wearing camouflage because I wanted to blend in with the Caribbean vibe, so I felt like a tree giving a nice, cool shadow to the people who were hiding from the sun.

What role does fashion play for you as an artist, and how do you integrate it into your musical identity and performances?

For me, being an artist means freedom and always thinking outside the box, so fashion is something I decide on rather than follow. My own emotions are my inspiration.

What was the audience’s reaction to your performance, and how did your musical style translate into a visual experience for attendees?

I picked out classic BIZZEY songs that were a bit provocative and sexy, and it felt nice because the audience was filled with sexy ladies twerking to my music.

How did Casa BACARDÍ as a venue contribute to the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of your performance, and how did you take this into consideration when planning your performance?

Well, it was a DJ booth centered in the venue with the audience both behind and in front of me. So I had to perform in a 360-degree manner to face everybody, but to be honest, I was just going with the flow. That’s what I always do and what I did that night.

What are your personal favorite fashion items or brands that you enjoy incorporating into your performances, and why?

My music speaks for itself, so I don’t need to use any items because it would be too gimmicky.

Can you share with us your favorite festival drink or cocktail, and how does it enhance your festival experience? Is there a specific memory attached to enjoying this drink at a festival that stands out to you?

I like the cocktail Dark ‘N Stormy because it gets me woozy, and I like to be woozy when I am on stage.

Looking back on your festival experiences, what is one core memory that has stayed with you throughout your career? How has this memory influenced your approach to performing at festivals?

Playing at Coachella, because the stakes were really high as well as the competition which brought me to another and higher level.

Beyond music, you’re also known for your vibrant personality and engaging stage presence. Can you tell us about a memorable interaction you’ve had with a fan during a festival performance that left a lasting impression on you?

I always love it when they are more fan of my wife than fan of me, because I am my wife’s biggest fan.

As a fashion-forward artist, how do you incorporate elements of style and fashion into your festival performances? Can you share with us a standout fashion moment from one of your festival performances that you particularly enjoyed or felt represented your personal style?

I enjoyed everyone, I don’t discriminate against any performances and festivals.