BIRD is a special new Dutch concept to protect your luxury (hand) bag from weather influences such as rain and wind. The brand presents a practical and fashionable accessory that is unique and gives women the opportunity to radiate strength and confidence. 

Creator Anja Fijma came up with the concept of the BIRD cover because she no longer wanted to think about which bag she wanted to wear without first having to check the weather forecast. The covers protect your bag during bad weather conditions and have a unique appearance. The brand creates protection the same way as a person would for its loved ones or like a bird that takes care for its offspring, hence the name BIRD.

Essential accessories:

In unexpected circumstance, BIRD protects your beloved must-have. The covers are available in three different sizes (mini, medium and max) and in the colours: black, navy blue, army green and transparent. Each cover is made by hand from high quality water-repellent polyester. With the adjustable cord, made of the same material as in sailing, the BIRD fits perfectly over your bag. After use, the cover can be easily stored in the accompanying cover.

Personalized BIRD covers:

In addition to the standard models, it is possible to get started and create your own unique BIRD cover. Decide on the design down to the last detail, anything is possible; even specific prints are feasible. Because every cover is made by hand, the delivery times of the personalized covers are on request. 

About Anja Fijma:

Creator Anja Fijma worked for years as a hairdresser and in finance before deciding to change course and turn her passion for fashion into her job. Anja drew inspiration from the trends she saw at the major brands on the catwalk, and subsequently developed her own sense of styling in a creative way. Her goal: to create the same look & feel without paying the top prize. In this way, bags with the BIRD cover can easily become a completely new fashion accessory.

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