The BIMBA Y LOLA SS24 new collection has been totally hijacked by a new addition to the BIMBA Y LOLA family: the Chihuahua bag.

Smart and adorable like a chihuahua; a classic model reinvented at BIMBA Y LOLA in a bucket silhouette. Minimal, in leather and three sizes.

Photographed by artist-visionary Adrián González-Cohen, BIMBA Y LOLA’s collective Chihuahua mania has been taken to the next level.

In the BIMBA Y LOLA campaign video, with 00’s kitsch hit ‘Chihuahua’ playing loud (and on repeat), Stella Lucia lives her Chihuahua life: In her house, anything not Chihuahua fades into a white background, while everything Chihuahua pops with color and fun; flower bouquets; bright-green peas with red-hot sauce; colorful bags upon colorful bags.

Everything is alive and shinning with the spirit of Chihuahua. That girl is loca for Chihuahuas! (And her dogs love them too.) It’s a Chihuahua’s world – we just live in it.