BYL takes it to the countryside!

FW23 Garden Club is for everyone who finds their thing and follows it… Outdoors. Preppies embrace the wilderness, the indie underground turns sweet on flowers, and geeks go roaming for adventure. It’s a garden that blooms in celebration of all the things that make you…you!

This collection delights in beautifully-drawn volumes and smart textures. Amidst warm, rugged leathers and earthy check patterns, we find oases of pure, cool white; colour-popping silks and wools are layered with delicate floral illustrations, bold cowhides and fluffy collars. And, of course, because we’re us and you’re you, there are punchy accessories – statement bags with hand-drawn messages, bright earrings, and witty slogan-pins. A living form that will never vanish into the uniform of the moment, Garden Club expresses all the things we love about you.

BY Garden Club is open!