Imagine a world where summer never comes to an end: BIMBA and LOLA, the first two clones from Earth created as a reflection of themselves by artificial reality.

THE SECOND SELF draws inspiration from cinema icons such as The Time Machine (1960), Stark Trek (1966) or Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (1967), and marked with the unmistakable stamp artist of Pilar Zeta, the magician of pop surrealism. The Argentinean artist who became known worldwide for designing the mystical-futuristic Coldplay album cover ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ and the surrealist visual set for Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream’ tour, has managed to transfer her universe of postmodernism and neo-psychedelia to BIMBA Y LOLA’s summer campaign, in which we would want to live forever.

The powdery tones that Zeta loves so much give life to a world where the adventures of BIMBA and LOLA take place. In this dreamlike place of retro openwork swimsuits, with square necklines and large coral prints, merge with crochet dresses and sarongs that can be worn as a duo. Other key pieces within the collection include a selection of après-beach garments such as pink pinafores, fringed skirts and pearl green tops. Hero accessories flood this visual paradise with maxi jewels in the shape of stars and fluorescent-colored fish, from platform sandals and flip flops to acetate swimmer’s frames to wear over scarves anchored on the face. With water as one of the key themes of the S$23 collection, this season’s star bag, the woven RAFFIA HOBO BAG, is designed in mesh that emulates a fishing net, with a metallic Chimo logo, hand strap and a long metal chain. Available In two sizes, XS and S, it is the perfect companion to live this eternal summer where reality merges with the best fiction.