Art, creativity, design, a never-ending story of renewal. An organic and cyclical process in which Ross, the radically distinct, generational artist, continues to grow his own creations. Like living materials, Dr. Samuel Ross’s creativity and thoughts are constantly shaping, reshaping, improving, imagining and reimagining things. For his next development on the Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A by Samuel Ross, Ross has brought subtle yet insightful details. Precision, clarity and choice are integrated through SR_A’s signature industrial language.

Constantly pushing new boundaries in terms of materials, fusion and aesthetics, Hublot has been loving Art for more than 10 years, working closely with daring, unconventional artists and designers to envision watches from new creative angles. The collaboration between Hublot and Ross began in 2020, in a three-year engineering process leading to an entirely new development, from case to crown, to dial, strap and bezel: the Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A by Samuel Ross. Just as with living materials, Ross’s creativity is constantly shaping, reshaping, improving his own thoughts, building on his first watch design to turn the watch case into a gray monochrome outfit to be worn on of the three rubber straps ranging from vivid green to black or white. A new iteration to which he has brought some subtle yet insightfully rethought details.

So, what’s new?

To assert its industrial look, Ross has opted to attire all the watch case components in shiny micro-blasted titanium, extending this to the clasp which also features a rough laser engraving of the Hublot logo. To enhance the overall gray monochrome look, the crown is overmolded in gray rubber, while the tourbillon bridge now appears in a neutral shade enabling the watch to be easily paired with one of the three smooth full rubber straps in black, white or the pop vibes of vivid green.

From sculpture to wearable wrist sculpture

Applying Samuel Ross’s artistic language to Hublot watchmaking is exactly how he envisioned the sculpture that marked the start of his creative collaboration with Hublot in 2020 : encapsulating materials in aerodynamic, simple and striking shapes incorporating imprints of Nature’s sacred geometry to tell 40 years of Hublot history. Building on the perfect hexagonal pattern, Ross knows how to contrast hyper-technical with traditional elements to ensure a perfect fit with Hublot’s Art of Fusion vision. Just as in the sculpture he created for Hublot, Ross takes on the Big Bang tourbillon by playing on transparency with holes in the structure, as well as referencing the origins of Fusion by mixing rubber with manufactured metal. By juxtaposing contrasting materials, he has created a balance between the organic and the industrial, forged through innovation.

Mingling sacred and industrial, organic and synthetic influences

With the hexagonal honeycomb shape and its perfect six equal sides, Ross has chosen the dominant governing pattern in the natural world recalling the functionality of a watch. Exactly like every single object he has designed, the watch is conceived as a durable, ergonomic and incredibly lightweight object – in this case made to be wristworn. Transposing this sacred geometry of Nature into the watch, Ross envisioned titanium plates to be polished, brushed, hammered and perforated in order to create a lean and imposing silhouette inducing a sense of motion.

The Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A by Samuel Ross is driven by the accuracy and technical design of the 282- component Manufacture HUB6035 caliber beating at 3 Hz during its 72-hour power reserve. Just as the first release, this new iteration is produced in a 50-piece limited edition.