Art fair surpasses previous editions with more than 100 artworks (cover art: Lovemore Kambudzi (PLAY room)

On the last weekend of September, the XL art platform BIG ART returns once again to the Amsterdam Bajeskwartier. With over 100 large artworks, this promises to be the biggest edition ever. The main building of the former Bijlmerbajes serves as the backdrop for sculptures, paintings, light artworks, drawings, photography, video, and large-scale installation art. The raw, unfinished spaces of the renowned building create a unique atmosphere. All artworks are on display and available for purchase.


Various galleries such as Rademakers Gallery, Galerie van Gelder, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, NL=US, and Art Gallery O-68 participate, along with Go Mulan Gallery, PLAY room, Root Gallery, BLEND, and galerie with tsjalling. In addition, independent artists are welcome at BIG ART: “Every year, we seek an inspiring combination of participants to keep the fair constantly surprising,” says Anne van der Zwaag, responsible for curating BIG ART. The location also plays a significant role in the selection: “Many artists create new work specifically for BIG ART and draw inspiration from this unique place.” Ko Aarts uses the walls of the old prison for a site-specific artwork, and Daan den Houter’s melting paintings leave their marks in the building. Koen Kievits brings the entire floor of his studio to the former Bajes, and Sjimmie Veenhuis constructs a striking fence on-site. Young talent Hanne Arends’ sculptural installation explores loneliness, and Hugo Rocci’s numerous keys and Ma Hui’s paper text scrolls (SinArts Gallery) are rich in references.

Left: Campaign image by Dirk Laucke, right: Studio of Aron Kroes (Art Zaanstad)
Left: Sketch by Jochem Esser (Root Gallery), right: Installation by Brian Elstak


Photographer Mounir Raji, in collaboration with Art Zaanstad, presents an impressive photo series at BIG ART, and the latest triptych by Merel Jansen sparks the imagination. The monumental knitting by Big Stitches (PLAY room) contrasts beautifully with the concrete spaces of the Bajes, as does the large tactile sculpture by Baoyang Zhao. Bonnita Postma presents a sizzling, erotic video work for the first time, photographer Femke Reijerman creates a spatial installation specially for BIG ART, and Daniele Scauso showcases one of his large kinetic creatures. Karin Kytökangas, Florens Kool, Lucius Pax, Roos Vogels, Nuno Orlando, and Kelly Yang also make their debuts at BIG ART. Studio mo man tai is preparing a new and moving light artwork, and APTUM launches a light installation made up of large, eye-catching letters at BIG ART. Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries presents an interactive idea bank, Cathelijn van Goor uses the walls of the former prison for a site-specific work, and DROPSTUFF returns with a cheerful fairground attraction.

Left: XL shout by Ran Kunst, right: New video work by Bonnita Postma


Aletta Bos, Anna Rudolf, Anna van Dorsten, Anne van As | galerie with tsjalling, APTUM (by Ontwerpduo), Arjen Lancel, Aron Kroes | ARTZAANSTAD, Baoyang Zhao, Bart Pols, Bas Kosters, Big Stitches | PLAY room, Bonnita Postma, Bregje Sliepenbeek, Brian Elstak | ARTZAANSTAD, Carolien Scholtes, Cas van Deurssen, Cathelijn van Goor, Charlotte Koenen | Art Gallery O-68, Cindy van Woudenberg, Clifton Mahangoe, Daan den Houter, Daniele Scauso, Daphne Glasmacher, DAY Collective, DH Mack, Didi Lehnhausen, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Dominique Zwartelé, Donglai Meng, DROPSTUFF, Elke Kunneman, Erik Buijs, Erna Anema | BLEND, Femke Reijerman, FEMM amsterdam, FENX | Vroom and Varossieau, Florens Kool, Hanne Arends, House of Rubber | Rademakers Gallery, Hugo Rocci, Ian Skirvin, Jackie Mulder, Jake Kelly, Jan Theun van Rees, Jarik Jongman | Go Mulan gallery, Jelle van Kuilenburg, Jesper Boot, Jochem Esser | Root Gallery, José Krijnen, Julia Kaiser, Karin Kytökangas, Kees Elffers, Kelly Jang, Ko Aarts, Koen Kievits, Lee McDonald | Galerie van Gelder, Léon Marie Dekker & Margareth van Aken, Leonie Brandner & Nina Guo, Lily de Bont | NL=US Gallery, Linda Overzee, Lique Schoot, Lovemore Kambudzi | PLAY room, Lucius Pax, Ma Hui | SinArts Gallery, Margré Steensma, Margreet Kramer, Marike Andeweg, Maurice Braspenning, Merel Jansen, Michiel Kluiters, Mickey Philips | Rademakers Gallery, Milla Novo, Mounir Raji | ARTZAANSTAD, Natascha Waeyen | Art Gallery O-68, Nelleke Bosland, Noreen Riepma, Nuno Orlando, Paul Tegenbosch, Phlox van Oppen, PolakVanBekkum, Raider | Wanrooij Gallery, Ran Kunst, Ritsert Mans, Rob Visje, Robbert de Goede, Robbert-Jan de Witte, Roos Schneijderberg, Roos van Dijk | Art Gallery O-68, Roos Vogels, Rosalynn van Hummel, Sjimmie Veenhuis, Sofie van Thiel | Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Sophie Walraven, Studio Marian Genet, studio mo man tai, Studio Simone Post, Su Tomesen, Timothy van Oorschot, Tinca Veerman-Pekelharing, Tomas Schats, Tommy Hagen, Tonneke Sengers | BLEND, van Veen & Mus, Yamuna Forzani | Rademakers Gallery, and more.