BEYONCÉ is a legend in our time. LANVIN joins the iconic artist on stage for the Renaissance World Tour in Chicago with bespoke creations by the house’s Paris atelier.

At the intersections of music, style and culture, LANVIN has designed and crafted bespoke costumes for BEYONCÉ and her accompanying dancers. Each look was conceived in collaboration with stylist Karen Langley and inspired by the tour’s intergalactic themes as well as LANVIN’s rich and storied heritage. A single ensemble consisting of a leotard and cape required no less than 180 hours to create.

The silver leotard features gold signature hardware which will be a key feature of the house’s forthcoming. Designs for the tour’s backup dancers took inspiration from voguing and the legendary houses of New York’s vibrant Ballroom scene. Custom-made jewelry and accessories complete each look. Each piece exemplifies the workmanship that is the foundation of LANVIN’s distinct savoir-faire. The house is proud to contribute to BEYONCÉ’s iconic style and take part in this landmark pop culture event.

Published by Asia Lanzi