We are delighted to share that Beyoncé appeared in custom Haute Couture ‘Heliosphere Gown’ – designed by Iris van Herpen.

“It has been a huge honor to design and create the custom ‘Heliosphere Gown’ for Beyoncé. In her epic Renaissance tour, Beyoncé embodies feminine empowerment. She symbolizes that confidence radiates from within and that beauty thrives in diversity. Her style is a kaleidoscope of elegance that inspired me and my team in every stitch, every bead and every petal – along the 700 hour journey of creating her halo-shaped gown.” – Iris van Herpen

To create the ‘Heliosphere Gown’, a total of 980 falcate shapes were 3D constructed by casting silver-marbled silicone into mirrored laser cut outlines. The falcate molds were vacuum-formed first. Each falcate-shape is then individually stitched onto a nude illusion tulle and interspersed with monochromatic Swarovski crystals. The hovering halo is shaped with a hot-air gun from petG to create a fully invisible and floating structure. The gown is extended with a voluminous cape made from glass-organza that is dazzling with an artwork embellished in mirror-mylar. Twelve people from the IVH atelier passionately created the Heliosphere gown for a total of 700 hours from start to finish.

The ‘Heliopsphere Gown’ combines innovation and craftsmanship to a level of complexity that transcends Beyoncé and her motions into an ethereal constellation of light.

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