Courage is what matters most. That is what you’ll feel wearing BEVZA’s bag collection which debuted in their latest SS’24 collection during New York Fashion Week in September. Through BEVZA’s bag collection, the brand continues to spread their core spikelet symbolism all over the world.

“Ukraine is one of the largest wheat exporters in the world. The land that we defend feeds a lot of other countries. For us, wheat has always been a sacred symbol and is the core symbol for BEVZA.”

Svitlana Bevza, Founder and Creative Director

BEVZA’s SS’24 bag collection consists of five styles. The collection showcases symbolic flat spikelet details on the hardware as well as spikelet hardware on the bag’s belts.

BEVZA’s chose to shoot their SS’24 bag campaign in New York to show the relevance of the legendary installation of Agnes Denes’ “Wheatfield — A Confrontation”. The iconic artwork from 1982 shows a two-acre wheatfield grown on an empty landfill next to the World Trade Center. In her work wheat was a symbol, a universal concept; it represented food, energy, commerce and economics. It referred to mismanagement, waste, world hunger and ecological concerns.

Since then humanity has faced so many upheavals: landscapes have changed, generations have changed what symbols are sacred to them, but bread, wheat continue to be an eternal symbol.