The newest collection ‘NOT LIKE THE MOVIES’ from the berlin-based brand is a love letter and admiration of the few remaining movie rental stores in Berlin. A perfect representation of the rebellious spirit of the city berlin. A punk “FUCK YOU” to stand firm for the sake of what you love, captioned on the back of this season’s core tee, “It was always coming, we just didn’t care“. The collection is now available in the DAGGER Online Store.

The “erotic discount” T-shirt embodies a graphic that “real Berliners” know from their walk to the adult film corner at their local Video Center. The slogan “YOURE GONNA GO FAR KID – as a pat on the shoulder with DAGGERS typical cheeky wink with the eye. 

The nine-piece collection including four caps, one hoodie and 4 t-shirts also features a special collaboration with Glaswegian artist Trackie McLeod who’s known for bridging the gap between fine art and design. 

His practice pokes fun at British nostalgia and identity, using humor as social commentary to discuss themes of masculinity, class and politics. 

Taking the micky” displaying a famous mouse with DAGGERS infamous “All the best” slogan to dystopian take on childhood movie nostalgia. 


DAGGER is a queer owned berlin-based streetwear brand which celebrates its community and communicates in an emotional intelligent way without losing a good sense of humor. 

A holistic approach to communal support is one of the brands strongest pillars within their brand DNA. Every collection is supported by upcoming creatives like photographers, models’ contributors in order to keep the unleashed hunger for artistic fulfillment which was key for Luke when he started DAGGER after an unforeseen job loss, from his kitchen table, back in 2020. 

Each DAGGER capsule centers around a particular topic or narrative that in the tradition of the first T shirt is summed up in the back of what has now become the “Core Tee”.

brand DAGGER @wearedagger

photographer MATEO CIDRAS