Benjamin Benmoyal debuted his eighth collection YARNS at Paris Fashion Week with a first catwalk show, heralding a poignant tribute to craftsmanship and weaving, a hallmark of his brand’s identity.

This collection serves as a heartfelt homage to the artistry of fabric making while lamenting its dwindling appreciation in modern times. Inspired by the loom and yarns, Benmoyal crafted an immersive experience, with 300 miniature looms sent as invitations and set design evoking a giant loom.

Against this backdrop, models adorned in unique woven fabrics from head to toe, including a collaboration with Dr. Martens, graced the runway, while weavers showcased their skills amidst the audience. With a focus on pushing fabric design boundaries, the collection features 35 looks, including the revival of Benmoyal’s iconic cassette tapes woven fabric, reimagined with a faux snake skin twist.

Through his latest collection, he invites audiences to rediscover the beauty and intricacy of fabric-making, ensuring its enduring legacy in an ever-evolving industry.