On this first day of the Paris Fashion Week, Benjamin Benmoyal is launching his 7th collection on the official PFW calendar.

For this spring summer 2024 season, he drawn inspiration from the city he grew up in, Tel Aviv and more precisely, the old Jaffa city. The ancient stones walls, streets and houses inspired him to create the woven fabrics. With a bit of nostalgia, he designed the prints remembering the beautiful sunset evenings he spent on the jaffa beaches as a teenager.

There is no woven cassette tapes pieces for this season, but Benjamin wanted to explore new ways of weaving fabrics, like the daisy Jacquard or the fake ripped «denim». As usual, they are all entirely woven from upcycled yarns from manufacturers in France.

The printed animals on the jersey pieces are taken from the artworks of Ernst Haeckel, a german zoologist, biologist and artist from the end of the 19th century who published a book named Kunstformen der Natur («Art Forms of Nature»). It contains hundreds of multi-colour beautiful illustrations of animals and sea creatures.

Also, for the first time, Benjamin Benmoyal is launching a Home line. For the moment it will be composed almost only of cushions (50 references) but aims to extend to other homeware like sofas, chairs, curtains and collabs in the near future.
The cushions are made out of the unique woven fabrics that the brand is using for its fashion collections and became Benmoyal’s signature. The aesthetetic remains the same, berber inspired, mediterranean vibe and obvioulsy it’s all made out of upcycled yarns and materials. The woven fabrics used for the cushions production will be only taken from the left over rolls from its previous Fashion collection. No fabric at all will be bought or woven to make these cushions.

This seventh collection is a celebration of art, nature, and tradition merging also the past and present in order to offer a visual journey full of history.