Located in one of the most prestigious Parisian lycée, Bed J.W Ford Spring/Summer 2025 runway show was a concentrate of casual chic. Shinpei Yamagashi wanted to depict the toughness of labour in modern society in his Spring/Summer 2025 collection. A longing for rest, an escape from everyday life’s hustle is the fantasy the designer wanted to bring to the runway. Through little moments making an exception to the daily routine, like buying a bottle of wine on the way home arise joyful instants. The brand’s newest collection embodies those moments, that might not seem grandiose, but that fill our heart with sweet memories for the rest of our lives. 

The blue collars’ uniform has been rethought to transform in an effortlessly cool wardrobe. 30 looks channeling a relax workwear closet, with loose jackets and flowing pants strutted down the runway. Neutrals are paired with touches of bright green, electric blue and softer pink. Shrunken sleeves fastened with straps and natural hems work with the flow synergies and the supple shirts, creating a unique mix of chic austerity and unpretentiousness.

Assorted belts with heavy buckles cinched the silhouettes draped in elliptical textiles. Leather tool bags and weedy shoes were the perfect addition to the looks, expressing a nonchalant demeanor specific to the label.