Inspired by Wes Anderson’s film The Royal Tenenbaums, the Autumn Winter 2023 collection explores the iconic style of each character.The influence that Wes Anderson’s films has had on the fashion world is well documented, as his precise colour palettes, memorable locations and intricate details are rich with inspiration. The Royal Tenenbaums has delivered outfit classics that are now timeless, such as Margot Tenenbaum’s long mink coat and tennis dress combination, Chas Tenenbaum’s red tracksuit and Richie Tenenbaum’s tennis-wear-made-formal look. However, it was not only the aesthetic and fashion of the film that inspired the creative team, it was also the character’s stories, dysfunctions and quirks that informed the collection. Margot Tenenbaum’s mysterious allure provides the romantic and provocative pieces in the collection. Richie Tenenbaum’s sporting career and subsequent fall from grace, inspired the athletic pieces and made them wearable for the everyday, as Richie does himself. And Etheline Tenenbaum’s demure grace is seen in the elegantly refined styles in the collection.