In fashion, aging means invisibility, irrelevance and shame, but in real life, getting older is amazing, which Batsheva exhibited in her Fall/Winter 2024 show.

The inspiration for Batsheva’s latest collection started from the idea of exploring aging as a woman, this was a particularly personal connection for the designer as a 42-year-old woman. Batsheva aimed to showcase her own exploration of the freedom she feels with aging and how that ties in with dressing herself. Emphasizing the significance of having fun with shapes and colors and spotlighting the positive attributes of herself: she is Dignified. she is Secured.

The women casted in the Batsheva runway show were all between the ages 40 to 76, which the designer casted herself while on the subway, when attending dance lessons and on social media. Molly Ringwald and Ione Skye, who both walked the show, were important to Batsheva because they were iconic in movies as young women, but here they are,
still beautiful and graceful but different.

The clothing is refined and polished (hooded dresses, pencil skirts) but also fun in an un-self-conscious way (a sweater that says HAG, a dress with “droopy boob” lace fabric connecting the chest to the sleeves, droopy big bows).
Colors like purple and celadon that felt older were used in the collection as they are sort of risky and offbeat (think older ladies with purple hair). Ditto to faux furs and sequins. Prints like polka dots and bows were mashed together.

The collection offers evening looks as well as separates, like ruched skirts and ruffled blouses, that can be worked into any wardrobe. It is eccentric but restrained, the idea of what joyful dressing is.