Bastiaan Woudt (1987) has seen meteoric rises and is considered to be one of the biggest names within the world of contemporary photography.

After starting his own photography studio from scratch a mere five years ago, with no experience or formal training, he has developed into a photographer with his own distinct signature style – abstract yet sharp, with a strong focus on detail.

While he has done a number of documentary projects, including the series Karawan in Morocco in 2016 and Mukono in Uganda in 2017, he is first and foremost a studio photographer. The Mukono-project was in collaboration with the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation.

For his latest project ‘Peak’ photographer Bastiaan Woudt travels through the mountains of Nepal for a month. An expedition of 26 days takes him to the often uninhabited areas around Mount Annapurna, where he climbs up to almost 6000 meters. It results in a coffee table book (€75) that shows not only the landscapes and still lifes but also the proud Nepalese people he encounters along the way. 

Woudt does not let himself be hindered by any traditional conventions of the art world. His curiosity has allowed him to create a singular photographic oeuvre.

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