words & interview by Marie-Pauline Cesari

Today, electric bikes have evolved into stylish and coveted accessories, seamlessly becoming an integral part of the ba&sh woman’s lifestyle thanks to the collaboration between the fashion brand and Cowboy, renowned for its connected bikes. The Cowboy x ba&sh alliance offers an electric bike specially designed to adapt to the frenetic rhythm of urban life, giving women the freedom to explore the city in complete safety. This collaboration harmoniously blends sustainable mobility, technology, and elegance, presenting a practical and fashionable transportation solution.

Cowboy’s status as the first electric bike brand to obtain the prestigious B Corp certification aligns perfectly with ba&sh’s values and commitments, making it an ideal choice for this partnership. This collaboration embodies ba&sh’s profound desire to promote a new form of sustainable mobility, while guaranteeing the safety of its passengers, thanks to its partnership with Cosmo Connected, a brand of connected helmets. 

To celebrate this exclusive collaboration, we had the chance to talk to Barbara Boccara & Sharon Krief, ba&sh’s founding duo, and Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, the CEO. We went back to the origins of the iconic brand, to trace its success story, its commitments, and its vision. 

The story of ba&sh begins with a beautiful friendship. Behind the brand are two long-time friends, Sharon and Barbara, whose complicity and shared vision have conquered the hearts of many women around the world. 

One of the keys to ba&sh’s success is the way in which Sharon and Barbara have preserved their friendship as they work together. They emphasize that financial interests or egos have never driven them apart. ‘We weren’t in it to make money and see who could make the most. We never had any ego problems either, as we’d known each other for over seventeen, eighteen years’, shared Sharon.  

Sharon and Barbara have very different academic backgrounds, one in law and the other in communications. With their diverse backgrounds and skills, they have surrounded themselves with talented people to form more than just a brand, but a real family. ‘We’ve aimed to unite individuals with shared passions and values, fostering an environment where we can collectively grow and thrive’. 

At the crossroads of luxury and ready-to-wear, the creation of the affordable premium market 

ba&sh was born out of a desire to offer quality clothing at an affordable price, filling a gap between luxury and fast fashion. The founders believe that, at the time, there was nothing like it on the market. Sharon explains, ‘We wanted a quality product at a fair price’. 

As ba&sh evolved, it became more than just a fashion brand: ‘ba&sh is a way of life’. With an emblematic signature that remains unchanged, the brand has endured through the years and the seasons, maintaining its essence and its unique touch: ‘It was natural for us to move towards collaborations other than clothing, we don’t just offer dresses, we offer women a way of life that doesn’t just end with their wardrobe. ba&sh is the partner of every woman’s active and intense daily life’.

ba&sh is not only revolutionizing the fashion industry but is also committing itself to philanthropic action. The founders are involved in the fight against breast cancer and work to help women reintegrate into society after treatment. This commitment to philanthropy is reflected not only in the founders’ efforts but also among the brand’s employees. They have created ” The Good Deeds of ba&sh “, an initiative in which each individual commits to supporting different charitable causes every three month.

Environmentally conscious fashion: ba&sh’s commitment to sustainability

The environment is at the heart of ba&sh’s concerns. The brand strives to reduce its environmental impact by using recycled materials, providing a platform dedicated to second-hand, and working with suppliers who share the same values. ‘We’ve had to adapt, but it’s never hindered our creativity; instead, it’s taught us to design differently,’ said Sharon.

To support its collective commitment to sustainability, ba&sh embraced transparent communication with its consumers, stakeholders, and partners. Pierre-Arnaud emphasizes the importance of this approach ‘Transparent communication is essential for our collective sustainability commitment. We are honest and sometimes self-critical about where we currently stand and, more importantly, where we want to go. And we’re already enhancing our product traceability service through our partnership with Fairly Made for instance’. 

‘This partnership with Cowbow doesn’t come out of the blue, it goes in line with our company’s philosophy, and, above all, it fits in with our desire to reduce our environmental impact.’

Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, CEO of ba&sh

The partnership with Cowboy illustrates ba&sh’s commitment and confirms that investment in new technologies is essential. ‘Today’s fashion brands have to be creative and innovative to reduce their impact. We believe that owning a bicycle is much more fashionable than owning a car.  We need to invest in new technologies, we’re already doing it, we’re one of the few companies that has a dedicated team. We are determined to continue innovating while remaining responsible,’ he says.

The brand is no newcomer to innovation. It has become one of the pioneers in embracing circularity, offering second-hand options for its products to reduce resource consumption and promote sustainability. This approach thrives, thanks to the timeless quality of its products.

ba&sh is more than just a fashion brand; it's a story of friendship, social commitment, environmental responsibility, and a passion for fashion. Sharon and Barbara have created a brand that mirrors their values and continues to inspire women worldwide. For them, the essence of ba&sh is embodied in 'our dresses and our smiles.' And it's clear they have more in store for us!