The BARBIERE universe is expanding with six new formulas specially developed for men's hair. Acqua di Parma chose the best ingredients and therefore created a number of synergetic compositions. Like the other products from the BARBIERE collection, the hair care and styling products create a sensual experience. The fresh, vibrant scent of Colonia is combined – depending on the purpose of the formula – with a light, rich, smooth or almost imperceptible texture. 

For a fresh, clean feeling, there are three BARBIERE shampoos that effectively protect against pollution and keep hair shiny, thick and luxurious: Mild Shampoo, Thickening Shampoo and Illuminating Shampoo.

Acqua di Parma has developed the Defining Cream, Modelling Clay and Fixing Wax to look flawless all day long in just a few simple steps and with easy-to-use formulas: three different ways to style hair.

The modern interpretation of a long tradition, BARBIERE is the quintessence of the Italian shaving ritual. Its innovative formulas are designed speci cally for the different stages of personal grooming: shaving, after shaving, beard care, facial treatment and now the new haircare and styling line. Hair care is fundamental for de ning facial appearance, harmonising perfectly with shaving or beard trimming and skin care.

And so the BARBIERE universe has been enriched with six different formulas especially for men’s hair. Acqua di Parma selects the best ingredients and creates a line of synergistic compositions. Just like the other products in the BARBIERE collection, hair care and styling also offer a satisfying sensorial experience. A fresh, radiant fragrance of Colonia and textures that are light, rich, consistent or impalpable according to the purpose for which the formula is intended.


A shampoo expressly designed for everyday use. Its mild formula gently and thoroughly removes impurities, respecting the balance of skin and hair. With its light, transparent texture, it undoes environmental damage, protecting hair from smog and pollutants. Thanks to its conditioning agents, it nourishes skin and hair leaving it soft, lustrous and easy to comb. It should be massaged into the scalp and then rinsed with warm or hot water and, for those who like to take extra care, it can be applied with a comb and left in for a minute. Recommended for all hair types and skin types, including sensitive skin.


Taking care of your hair means making it stronger and healthier. With a formula that has a volumising effect, rich in active ingredients aimed at strengthening hair and ideal for everyday use too, the Thickening Shampoo works on the structure of e hair to revitalise and add body. Designed to ensure a delicate yet deep clean, delightful to the touch with its soft, creamy consistency, it respects the balance of sensitive skin too, effectively undoing any environmental damage. Recommended for all hair types, thanks to the conditioning agents in the formula, no conditioner is required. It should be applied to damp or wet skin and distributed and massaged evenly over skin and hair. For those who like to take extra care, it can be applied with a comb and left in for a minute.


A shampoo with a pleasantly smooth consistency, speci cally for white and grey hair. The blue and violet pigments neutralise any yellow tones, making the colour bright and de ned. The formula acts on the scales of the hair, closing and compacting them, revitalising hair and giving it a shinier appearance. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, it gently removes impurities and protects hair from pollution. For optimum performance, the Illuminating Shampoo should be distributed over the entire length of the hair, massaged and combed to facilitate the even action of the formula. Once applied, it should be left in for a minute before rinsing. It is recommended that the Illuminating Shampoo is used once or twice a week at most, alternating it with another BARBIERE shampoo, for complete hair care.


The texture is light and creamy. A few simple strokes through the hair with a small amount of product are enough to obtain a natural style. The formula is designed to condition hair without drying or weighing it down and to eliminate static electricity. A Cream that is perfect for always feeling good and styling that can be easily shaped several times a day. Ideal for both long and short hair.


Use this Clay for styling with a semi-structured, opaque effect that leaves hair soft and natural without drying. Its residue-free formula gives hair a medium hold that can be remodelled multiple times a day. Suitable for long and short hair, it should be applied with your ngers for a free, informal look or with a comb for a more de ned appearance.


The ideal formula for de ned and elevated styling, giving hair a subtle shine and a hold that lasts throughout the day. Designed for all hair lengths, it does not dry or leave residue on the hair. It is recommended that the Wax is applied using a comb for the best style de nition. Apply the product directly to small locks of hair to achieve an even more structured look.

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