Today, Bang & Olufsen launches its latest brand campaign See Yourself In Sound. As the name suggests, this campaign brings Bang & Olufsen’s new brand direction to life by translating the listener’s music taste into interactive avatars that are entirely unique to each individual.

Bang & Olufsen’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kamel Ouadi, explains why See Yourself in Sound is the next step for Bang & Olufsen in the world of music.

“Our products have been considered the best way to listen to music for almost a century, something we are extremely proud of. In a world where digital interaction, creativity, and discovery are central, it was essential for Bang & Olufsen to create a space where our community can visualize their passion for music, alongside the process of composing, listening, and enjoying music”,

he says.

“We have always been a brand that advocates for self-expression and identity by creating designs that are innovative and challenge the norm, allowing our community to enjoy music through something that delights and intrigues the senses. This campaign is a beautiful embodiment of our brand, which will be reflected both online and in our stores for our customers and fans to enjoy,” Ouadi continues.

Bang & Olufsen’s Creative Director, Paul Collins, explains why See Yourself in Sound came to life: “Music is not just something we listen to; it is something we feel. It expresses who we are and who we connect with. The feeling of listening to music you truly love can transport you to another world, and we wanted to visualize that world with See Yourself in Sound”,l Collins explains. He adds, “Music is a universal language that everyone speaks, but it is also something unique to each listener and has always been a way to create your identity… the intersection where community and connection meet individual expression and creativity is something we want to honor with this project.”

Translated & published by Asia Lanzi