If I had to sum up the Balmain Men’s Fall 2023 campaign in one line, it would be this: blurring lines to sharpen our focus.

From the very beginning, this season’s focus has been centered on this house’s singular heritage. Even before I began sketching the first designs, my team and I had drafted four simple guiding principles for the collection. So, when it came time for the very last step of our creative process, as we started dreaming up the campaign, there was no way that I was going to stray from those same four points.

01: Balmain’s “sleeping giant” days are officially over.

Into every one of our runways, I’m determined to incorporate some of the richness of this house’s vast archive, a treasure trove that had been ignored for too many decades. For Fall 2023, we’ve channeled the spirit of Balmain’s earliest men’s collections. Those mid-sixties offerings were marked by a sleek and sophisticated style that relied on the atelier’s exceptional tailoring skills for slim-fit, sharply cut suits that reflected the cool sophistication of Saint Germain jazz artists. This campaign riffs on that same distinctive attitude—which is why I knew that Thibaut Grevet, who definitely knows how to meld together the distinctive powers of music and fashion, would be the perfect partner for this season.

02: “Le style que l’on ressuscite doit être adapté au présent” (Pierre Balmain)

Always keeping true to Pierre Balmain’s conviction that “a resurrected style must be adapted to the present,” as we build on an extraordinary heritage, we ensure that Balmain always reflects the modern needs and the distinctive tastes of each new generation. So, while we do riff on our early house blend of musicians and tailoring, this is definitely no exercise in nostalgia. Instead, Thibaut relies on intriguing syncopation-inspired compositions that recall compositions of legendary avant-garde jazz artists—and those same surprising blurs, movements, and reflections create compelling contrasts, allowing luxury details to pop in these images.

03: Highlighting Pierre Balmain’s Graphic Talents

Although they may have been created several decades ago, Monsieur Balmain’s graphics remain fresh and compelling today. This season, we’re reintroducing a motif that our founder originally presented in the early ‘80s—a repeating PB pattern that was originally inspired by the endless repetition of contrasting marble squares laid out inside the passageways of Versailles and the Loire Valley châteaux. Our founder’s truly regal pattern covers several of the collection’s strongest silhouettes and accessories and is, of course, spotlighted in campaign images.

04: “If a seam is not quite right, that is a matter of life and death.” (Ginette Spanier)

For three decades, Ginette Spanier, Balmain’s first Directrice, guaranteed an unmatched dedication to the couture tradition of artisanal savoir-faire, helping ensure the great success of Pierre Balmain’s pivotal post-war collections. I share her obsession with precise, impeccable Parisian tailoring and construction—and, with many of Thibaut’s shots spotlighting the details of our atelier’s skilled work, this campaign helps make very clear how that passion helps to set apart our latest collection.

Creative Director Olivier Rousteign @olivier_rousteing
Director of Content Creation Michail Papadogkonas @michail_pelet
Photographers Thibaut Grevet @thibautgrevet
Hair @evaniefrausto @streetersagency
Make up @iamjamalscott @artpartner
Casting Director Anita Bitton @bitton @establishmentny
Set Designer @philipphaemmerle
Exec Production @nowopentv
Models Leelou Laridan @leelou_laridan
Xue Huizi @xue.huizi
JeeHoon Bae @jeehoonbae
Ottawa Kwami @ottawakwami

Published by Asia Lanzi