With the pandemic ushering a new sense of luxury, hinged more on spending on pieces that stand the time, investment dressing is officially back. With the new limited edition collection for Spring-Summer 2022, we look back on Balmain’s heritage, keeping the golden accents that characterize the brand. Taking inspiration from classic pieces and mixing it with neon and nude colors to create a modern yet sophisticated look. A look that will not only be elevated but will also make heads turn. Offering designs that can effortlessly transition from day to evening. From statements pieces to more subtle ones, suitable for any occasion.

The Spring-Summer 2022 collection brings a range of new Limited Edition hair accessories, a pouch, cosmetic bags and summer sets. With 18K gold plated hair accessories inspired by the iconic Balmain blazer buttons. Luxurious napa leather headbands with nubuck inside and a barrette bow to crown your hairstyle. The launch includes neoprene cosmetic bags and a pouch that come with the perfect products for summer time. All with designs that reflect the season’s bright neon tones and channel a distinctly pop vibe. But classic Balmain.

Available in selected salons, luxury retailers and via the Balmain Hair Couture e-boutique: www.balmainhair.com