To mark its 50th anniversary, Balmain introduced three outstanding Hair Perfumes. Each of these unisex fragrances was created by esteemed Niche Fragrance Award-winning perfumer Cécile Zarokian and is formulated with high-quality ingredients, designed to enhance the natural look of your hair and at the same time to provide a captivating, long-lasting aromatic experience.

In the dynamic beauty landscape, consumers are attracted to unique fragrances: there is a growing demand for them superior quality ingredients and carefully crafted fragrances. Hair Perfumes have grown into a revolutionary concept, ready to become the next big trend in beauty.

What sets the Hair Perfumes apart is their designating formula: not greasy, suitable for all hair types and deviating from heavy, sticky sprays. They provide lasting, long-lasting fragrance and enrichment at the same time the hair with natural ingredients such as Silk Protein and Argan Elixir for a soft, healthy feel and appearance. This combination of exquisite fragrance and hair care benefits perfectly matches consumers’ pursuit of finesse in beauty.

The new Heritage Collection Hair Perfumes includes Ginger 1974, Vetiver 1974, and Cardamom 1974.

Keywords for the Heritage Collection Hair Perfumes:

Ginger 1974: Warm & Elegance
Vetiver 1974: Elegant & Refined
Cardamom 1974: Mysterious & Sensual