It is that time of the year when family and friends get together when gifting presents and dressing up is at its peak. The holiday season. A season full of celebration and adoration. This year, Balmain Hair Couture is celebrating the holiday season with a new Fall/Winter Limited Edition Collection, inspired by the signature golden details of the house of Balmain but with the traditional green color that symbolizes the holiday season. The new Limited Edition Collection includes a vegan leather emerald green pouch that contains three care & styling products and a mini scented candle. It includes new luxurious headbands, 18K gold plated hair jewelry, and a personalized gift box which reflects the luxury of Balmain Hair Couture. They are also introducing a new vegan leather pouch and a black napa leather puffed headband, that will both stay within the standard accessory line of Balmain Hair Couture.

The new Fall/Winter 2022 Limited Editions are all available on the September 1st on, in selected salons or retailers.