Space Runners and Balmain have united forces once again to fuse high fashion and advanced technology, leveraging artificial intelligence to elevate personalization and creativity in the fashion realm. This groundbreaking partnership pushes the boundaries and redefines customization standards to a whole new height.

In a pioneering move, Balmain and Space Runners introduce Generative-AI to customize Balmain’s Unicorn sneakers, offering unparalleled freedom for personalization. For this release, Balmain collaborated with Ant Kai, an acclaimed American artist known for his inventive custom sneakers, injecting a fresh and dynamic spin into the best-selling Unicorn. Embracing the evolving digital economy, Balmain continues to accept cryptocurrency, catering to tech-savvy customers.

Additionally, the digital collectibles will be minted on Polygon, a widely renowned blockchain known for its strong dedication to sustainability and eco-conscious practices. This presents users with the opportunity to mint their own creations, embracing the platform’s environmentally friendly principles and fostering a new era of conscientious digital artistry.

One part of this limited-edition collaboration will see Balmain release a one-of-a-kind, special Unicorn sneaker, which will be available exclusively at the new Atlanta flagship of the Parisian house, as well as on This unique Unicorn will showcase the distinctive flair of Ant Kai, while underlining the remarkable streamlined silhouette of Balmain’s luxury Unicorn sneaker.

The partnership with Ant Kai highlights Balmain’s long history of embracing diverse talents and fresh perspectives, helping to spotlight the house’s long and extraordinary history of rebellion and innovation. By associating with the celebrated artist, Balmain aims not just to create a new spin on a best-selling design—it is also crafting a singular narrative that resonates with a broader audience, connecting the luxury house with both a new young customer, as well as those who are young at heart.

Earlier this year, Space Runners and Balmain made headlines when they joined forces to create a one-of-a-kind collection of digital-wearables and physical apparel. The collaboration, which was presented during Paris Fashion Week, was a stunning display of both brands’ credibility in the luxury fashion industry.