On May 30th, Balenciaga presented its Spring 2025 collection in Shanghai, the show occurred at nightfall at the Museum of Art Pudong, with a view of The Bund and Shanghai’s iconic skyline.

Many VIP guests were in attendance including, Michelle Yeoh, Ayaka Miyoshi, Qin Li, Roh Yoonseo, Sophie Marceau, Bibi Zhou, Cecilia Wang, Chris Lee, Gogoboi, Li Yunrui, Wang Yang, and more.

To pay tribute to local cuisine and culture and commemorate its first show in Shanghai, Balenciaga has collaborated with a revered Shanghainese institution, Nu Xiang Mu Dou, at Xintiandi. From May 29th until June 2nd, 2024, the beloved restaurant, famous for respecting and refining the century-old tradition of xiao long bao (steamed bun or soup dumpling) originating from the Nan Xiang County of Shanghai, will offer exclusive customized dim sum and takeaway packaging. Outdoor diners may sit under the classic tiered pyramidal umbrellas announcing the event with Balenciaga’s signature grey coloring and bilingual logomarks. The collaboration includes a custom-created Balenciaga steamed vegan xiao long bao, its juicy filling made with French black truffle and its tender skin tinted grey and a customized win-win cake stamped with a Balenciaga double-B logo–a Shanghainese and near regional specialty. The cake is part of the region’s confectionery tradition. Its history dates back to centuries ago, when the characters “定胜” (win-win, a loose translation) were imprinted on the treat. Over the centuries, the win-win cake has come to symbolize good fortune and joyous celebration.

Immediately following the Balenciaga Spring 25 show, a limited-edition T-shirt made in collaboration with Alipay was made exclusively available in selected Balenciaga stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, Wechat mini-program, bal.cn and Tmall. The Balenciaga I Alipay washed black oversized fit T-shirt, newly debuted on the runway, combines a white Balenciaga logo paired with that of Alipay’s, the world’s leading digital payment and lifestyle service platform serving over 1 billion users. The item will remain exclusive to Chinese Mainland.

In addition, following the runway show, another limited selection of garments from a newly debuted collaboration with Under Armour became exclusively available in selected Balenciaga stores and online. The Balenciaga I Under Armour series features innovation, combining the technical expertise of American sportswear manufacturer Under Armour and the savoir-faire of Balenciaga, creating functional pieces in signature silhouettes. There are 8 items in total: zip up and front pocket hoodies, oversized T-shirts, notched-brim embroidered baseball caps, large shorts, baggy sweatpants, and socks—all with a logomark that juxtaposes the Under Armour and Balenciaga logos, in black or red. A dedicated campaign shows models wearing the exclusive series through the lens of a home aquarium.