In a not-so-distant future, what was once considered ubiquitous—banal, even—is now rarefied, often only experienceable via simulation. Weather, for example, is machine-made or rendered digitally; snow is exotic. The term “winter” takes on a new meaning, although imbued with nostalgia for a time of predictable seasons.

Balenciaga Winter 22 is presented on an infinite white field, encapsulated with a protective glass screen. In this real-life 3-D live stream with a 360° view, we observe the idea of a season as we once knew it. Just as a souvenir snow globe preserves a memory, the impending present plays out within a manufactured storm, mapping past winters onto the next.

Classic looks are pared down and redrawn, letting bold silhouettes stand out. Hybrid stretch dresses and bodysuits fit and fall in new ways by combining gloves, shoes, pants, trains, or leggings. Staples, like turtlenecks, pants, and jersey hoodies are partially destroyed, shrunken, or oversized.

Accessories are enlarged and exaggerated, emphasizing reuse and alternative materials. Faux-feather boas are made with frayed organza. The Crush Bag is a softbox shape, held by one or two handles on opposite edges. The Swing Bag is made of multiple layers, held by a looping chain strap. The Trash Pouch is inspired by a garbage bag. Purses are made from pairs of Cagole or Rodeo boots. And finally…