Introduced on the watery floor of Balenciaga’s Winter 20 runway presentation,the Balenciaga Toe is a collaboration with Italian footwear brand Vibram. A limited-edition version will appear in a selection of international Balenciaga stores and online retailers on October 16th, 2020.

Vibram, recognized as the worldwide leader in rubber sole production, is also well known for its patented FiveFingers shoes, which fit a flexible sole onto the foot, separating each toe and allowing for better tactile perception while walking or climbing.

The Balenciaga Toe collection consists of two limited-edition sneaker styles and a high-heeled style, each made from recycled knit. Balenciaga Toe takes FiveFingers to a new direction by adding bounce and height to an already extrasensory experience.

The limited-edition Balenciaga Toe Sock, available in carmine red or black, and the limited-edition Balenciaga Toe Lace Up, available in black, rest on a heavy- duty suspension heel. The Balenciaga Heeled Toe, available in neon pink or black, features a molded block heel. Each Balenciaga Toe is fitted with a five-toed foam insole and hugs the foot like a high-tech glove.

The collaboration, made in Italy, is printed and stamped with multiple Vibram and Balenciaga logos along the edges of the foot and just above the five separate digits. Each limited-edition pair is numbered as one in a series.

A limited number of Balenciaga Toe pairs will be available via,,,, and selected stores.