BACARDÍ®, the world's most awarded rum, launches the three-part video series 'Still Spicy?' with BACARDÍ Spiced, in which rapper Zwangere Guy, Singer & songwriter Sarita Lorena, DJ Zoey Hasselbank and talk show host Yuki Christ talk are about what can and cannot be done at the parties this summer. There are less restrictions, and the parties and festivals are being planned, but what will the nightlife culture be after COVID-19? Do we still know how to do it? Are the festival outfits we wore in 2019 still spicy? The launch of 'Still Spicy?' coincides with the start of the annual Rum Month. The final episode will follow on July 15.

The first two episodes of 'Still Spicy?' can be viewed on the BACARDÍ YouTube channel. The other final episodes will follow on July 15.

watch the video here: