As the days grow shorter and noticeably colder, it is the ideal time for BACARDÍ®'s 'sipping rums'. After previous successes of the Rum Room in Antwerp, Hamburg and London, BACARDÍ will open its doors in the Netherlands for the first time on Thursday, November 18. Step into the world of premium variants of the world's most awarded rums and get to know BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro, Reserva Ocho and Gran Reserva Diez in a unique way. The BACARDÍ Rum Room offers only this trio of dark, aged rums. The rums are available in the Rum Room in an exclusive gift box, a nice gift for the cold holidays. Artist Floor van het Nederend has created three different designs that are used on the gift boxes and packaging. The BACARDÍ Rum Room can be visited until 31 December at Oude Spiegelstraat 3 in De 9 Straatjes. 

Floor of the Nederend:

To give the BACARDÍ Rum Room in Amsterdam an extra Caribbean feel, BACARDÍ has partnered with artist Floor van het Nederend. Floor is an Amsterdam-based illustrator and painter. His work is inspired by vintage comic books, punk culture and pop art – and centers around Malvin the Cat, his own character. Thematically, he considers nature an important source of inspiration for his work. For BACARDÍ, Floor created three different designs with the theme "AGED UNDER THE CARIBBEAN SUN. These designs can be found on the gift boxes and packaging material in the Rum Room. 

Añejo Cuatro, Reserva Ocho & Gran Reserva Diez:

In addition to the well-known rums such as BACARDÍ Carta Blanca, BACARDÍ Spiced and the Flavoured range, BACARDÍ offers dark, aged rums that have a strong character due to the aging in oak barrels. The BACARDÍ Rum Room is dedicated to these rums. The youngest, aged premium rum is four-year-old BACARDÍ Anejo Cuatro. The shimmering, golden rum has a honeyed flavor, balanced with mild vanilla and roasted oak. Añejo Cuatro can be drunk 'on the rocks', but is best enjoyed in a classic rum cocktail, such as a Highball mixed with Ginger Ale. The eight year old BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho is a complex golden colored rum with a deep, layered and smooth taste of dried fruit, spices, oak and vanilla. This rum is inspired by a family recipe from 1862 and for 7 generations was reserved only for the BACARDÍ family itself. The rum is perfect for sipping pure and lends itself well to cocktails with allure like an Old Fashioned or an Old Cuban. Gran Reserva Diez has yet another expression and is not just an older version of Ocho. Diez has something unique about it. Take a sip of this ten-year-old rum and you'll discover lots of oak and caramelized fruit. There are also people who discover melon, banana or mango in it. This rum is best drunk straight, with or without an ice cube.

Opening hours:

The BACARDÍ Rum Room will be open daily from November 18 to December 31 from 10:00 – 19:00 at Oude Spiegelstraat 3 in Amsterdam. On Thursday evenings the store is open until 21:00. If you can't make it to Amsterdam during this period, visit the Rum Room online at The webshop offers, like the Rum Room, the three BACARDÍ premium rums Añejo Cuatro, Reserva Ocho & Gran Reserva Diez.