Taste the most iconic cocktails with rum, made by bartenders at various participating catering establishments, during BACARDÍ Rum Month in July.

This summer you can enjoy a fruity, sweet, sizzling cocktail with a full, rich yet subtle taste. Because this premium spiced rum contains the most seductive flavors from the Caribbean. Be welcomed by a subtle blend of creamy spices, pineapple, coconut water and the unique sweetness of the coconut blossom. No wonder you can really go in any direction with this rum aged on oak!

Whether you fancy a Caribbean Colada, or prefer to have a warm summer evening with an elegant Coco Daiquiri by your side, we recommend adding a dash of BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced rum to your cocktail and let yourself be taken to a paradise island. Thanks to the perfect balance of ingredients such as pineapple, coconut, vanilla and cinnamon, you can provide your favorite cocktail with a tropical twist in no time. You can of course also use the BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced rum to give a bold twist to the timeless rum & cola.

If you prefer to appreciate the perfectly balanced palette of flavors by sipping a nice glass of rum, as a true connoisseur, the versatile BACARDÍ Caribbean Spiced rum is also designed for this.