Last week, the celebration for the launch of BACARDÍ’s Table Of Ocho came to life with a festive dinner with distinguished guests and attendees. The Table of Ocho – the ultimate dinner party – was literally and figuratively all about BACARDÍ Ocho: eight-shaped tables for 8, 8 groups of friends, modern party food, a very special piano bar, and of course BACARDÍ Ocho galore. But it’s not just the rum that took center stage that evening.

The Table of Ocho celebrates the warm spirit of the traditional Bacardí family: festive dining together while enjoying Caribbean comfort food, flavorful cocktails, and Caribbean beats. An evening where acquaintances turn into friends and friends become family.

During The Table of Ocho, guests found themselves on an evening in the tropical Caribbean, home of the Bacardí family. With Caribbean dishes prepared by chef London Loy, sensual cocktails made with BACARDÍ Ocho rum, soulful performance by musician Irene Hin, and the special house friends toasting together, the signature aura of the Bacardí family’s extravagant dinners was brought back to life. The Table of Ocho is an ode to the BACARDÍ spirit: the feeling of coming together, enjoying, and celebrating life.

Numéro’s very own Daniel Sars, who attended the event, shares his impressions:

“The BACARDÍ dinner was a grand celebration of the heritage brand, Caribbean cuisine, and the holiday season. The 5-course meal was accompanied by the matching BACARDÍ cocktails that accentuated the flavors of the carefully selected tasting menu. Each course yielded an increased curiosity for the next round! The evening was filled with festive joy and delicious cocktails. At the end of the evening, I found myself somber that it was over. Thankfully I can replicate the cocktails at home!”

Earlier this month Numéro wrote about the launch of The Table of Ocho, a festive inspiration platform all about a home dinner with 8 friends, created by BACARDÍ and chef London Loy. Read here all about flavorful Caribbean dishes, the best BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho cocktail recipes, the ultimate playlist, and fashion styling tips from our very own editor in chief Timotej Letonja.