Azzaro unveils the latest Azzaro The Most Wanted Eau de Toilette Intense, a compelling invitation to savor the thrill of adrenaline. In this new chapter, the Azzaro Wanted man fearlessly pushes the boundaries of boldness. With unwavering confidence, he boldly proclaims, “I want it, I dare it.” His new fragrance is Azzaro The Most Wanted Eau de Toilette Intense, the fuel to his confidence, rendering him unbeatable and ready to defy all odds. Its intense composition, bursting with contrast, invites you to dive into a world. where desire meets daring.

Azzaro The Most Wanted Eau de Toilette Intense, like The Most Wanted Man, is made of contrasts and tensions, leaving an insatiable desire for more. A captivating infusion belonging to the fougère family, that that seduces and emboldens. The fragrance opens with an exalted blend. The ardor of Citrus meets the fresh and spicy facets of Elemi and Cardamom. A vibrant aromatic core emerges, where the Geranium essence and Lavender heart from Provence transports the fragrance into a grooming world. In the base, the mineral elegance of a Moss liquor accord seamlessly blends with captivating woody accords.

The iconic barrel is reimagined as a testament to masculinity and. elegance. Its smooth black metal surface and the interplay of smokey gradients on the bottle evoke a sense of mystery, mirroring the essence of bold masculinity intertwined with seductive charm.

“For this new daring creation, we pushed the limits of sensuality and reinvented the traditional fougère structure to make it more addictive and contrasting.”

Honorine Blanc & Nicolas Bonneville, Firmenich Perfumers