09 February



For the third episode of 180, entitled “Paradise”, Paris-based film directors Original Kids offer an immersive cinematographic rendering of the two-fold artistic encounter of Tschegue, Jeanne Added and Les Twins. This duo of young producers, specialised in music videos, has collaborated with a variety of artists including Orelsan, Oxmo Puccino, PLK, Georgio and Therapie Taxi.



Shot on film, the episode brings together analogue technology with cutting-edge virtual stageproduction in an echo to Audemars Piguet’s blend of tradition and modernity. By interweaving the artists’ creative steps shot in real-time with 3D digital environments interactively played on LED walls, Original Kids creates a dreamlike atmosphere brimming with emotions as the artists share their respective universe and create together. The episode’s immersive sound design reinforces the creative process as bits of music and lyrics progressively merge into a harmonious whole.


“This project immediately spoke to us because it gave us thespace to express ourselves artistically. This project is reallyoutside the box.” Original Kids Film Directors



The episode first follows the musical encounter of Jeanne Added and artist duo Tschegue. Songwriter, singer and bass player, Jeanne Added made her international debut in 2015 with the release of her first Album Be Sensational – where her voice seamlessly blends with electro-rock and post-punk music. Her second Album Radiate (2018) was nominated at the Victoires de la musique in the categories of “Feminine Artists” and “Rock Album”. Her latest EP Air (2020) continues her artistic experimentation as melodies mix with poetry in a powerful gust of self-expression.



For its part, Paris-based music duo Tschegue, composed of Nicolas Dacunha and Faty Sy Savanet, finds roots in African tribal music and garage rock. Their first EP Survivor released in 2017 refuses categorisation. Bringing together epileptic rhythms, jerky percussions and punchlines in frenetic loops, their compositions represent the embrace of ambiguity and the marriage of cultures. Fuelled with energy, their music touches body, heart and soul.



Jeanne Added and Tschegue, who had never collaborated before, were given three days and complete carte blanche to create and record an original soundtrack together. The result? An intriguing encounter of two universes where electro beats, percussions and soft music, poetic lyrics and punchlines, English and Lingala come together in perfect synchrony.



Taking creation a step further, the episode also captures how this new composition comes alivethrough Les Twins’ spontaneous freestyle as they are propelled into this eclectic universe. Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, AKA Les Twins, are French dancers, choreographers, actors, models, and producers who have most recently added a music career to their résumé. Their new style hip-hop dancing has drawn the attention of numerous artists and brands across the world.



Finalists of the French show Incroyable Talent in 2008, Les Twins quickly made a name for themselves at the international level and successively won varied competitions around the world, including the American reality competition World of Dance in 2017. They have appeared in the video clips of renowned music artists, such as Missy Elliott, David Guetta and Beyoncé, with whom they have toured and collaborated since 2011. Their stature, style and personalities have also attracted attention in the fashion world. Les Twins have notably worked with some iconic brands including Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Prada, Moncler, Diesel, Armani, Longchamp and Jordan, to name a few. They also recently broke into the film industry, with their first major roles in Steven Spielberg’s Men in Black: International (2019), directed by F. Gary Gray, and Tom Hooper’s Cats (2019).



Taking full possession of Original Kids’ virtual stage, Les Twins give a new dimension to JeanneAdded and Tschegue’s musical composition for an immersive experience guaranteed. Will you be able to resist dancing along?



“Music is the question. The body is the answer. Les Twins, Dancers, choreographers and producers




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