Audemars Piguet is delighted to announce that jewellery designer Carolina Bucci’s collection K.I.S.S. (i.e. Keep It Super Simple) will be available as of November 2020 in the AP Houses of London, Hong Kong and Barcelona as well as in the AP boutiques of Nagoya and Dallas. Taking inspiration from thebeating heart of Audemars Piguet’s mechanical watches, this gold bracelet and necklace collection pays tribute to the designer’s and Manufacture’s long-standing collaboration. Behind these jewellery creations’ apparent simplicity, lies a complex ancestral savoir-faire and a desire to push the limits of what gold can do that echo Audemars Piguet’s forward-thinking approach to traditional craftsmanship.

“Craftsmanship would remain paramount, but there would be a natural tendency towards simplicity – a simplicity of bothdesign and purpose.” Carolina Bucci Jewellery Designer

The result: a collection of gold bracelets, in two different sizes and varied hues, and a matching necklace reinterpreting the aesthetic codes of a mechanical watch’s balance spring through a flexible sinuous coil of 18-carat gold. Part of a watch’s escapement mechanism, the balance spring controls the oscillation rate of the balance wheel to which it is affixed and thus regulates the speed at which the hands turn.

Going a step further, Carolina Bucci’s larger bracelets take inspiration from Audemars Piguet’sdouble balance wheel escapement introduced in 2016. This patented regulating system is composed of two balance wheels and balance springs assembled on the same axis, oscillating in perfect synchrony for improved balance and precision. Visible on both sides of the movement, it is sought after in Haute Horlogerie today for its aesthetic appeal. In tribute to this horological innovation, Carolina Bucci has inserted an additional coil of mismatched colour within the large bracelets’ main sinuous spiral of gold.