Attic Studios once again took its position as a creative incubator as it hosted TOYZ VS ROBOTZ, the highly anticipated Flügoween 2.0: A Haunted Soirée, a collaborative effort between Attic Studios, Scheimpflüg, and The Garage, a Brooklyn-based robot motion control camera systems studio. The 17th annual event delivered a unique blend of entertainment, music, and innovative cinematic experiences to its over 1500 attendees.

The party featured performances by two acclaimed DJs – Mia Moretti and DJ NOAH (Miami). Their exceptional sets energized the crowd with a full evening of ecstatic dance along with cabaret performances by Jenny Rocha Dance Theater’s Painted Ladies bedazzled in elaborate Santoria-themed costumes; all complementing the expansive space in Attic Studios’ multiple stages.

This sophisticated production featured state-of-the-art motion control capture technology and a Bullet Time camera rig, enabling attendees to immerse themselves in a sophisticated video clip, provided free of charge. Guests were later presented with fully edited and composited videos of their participation in the festivities against a digital backdrop.

Situated one subway station from Midtown Manhattan, Attic Studios is a versatile creative space that serves photographers, filmmakers, and event planners alike. It proved to be an ideal canvas for extraordinary gatherings like Flügoween 2.0. As the setting for this remarkable soirée, Attic Studios demonstrated its capability to enrich cultural life, filling a void left by the pandemic.

The success of Flügoween 2.0 owes much to the head of Scheimpflüg, John Engstrom as well as ATTIC owner Peter Clark. Actively reshaping the photography equipment landscape, their unwavering commitment to innovation was apparent throughout the event.

This year Flügoween transcended the confines of a typical Halloween celebration. It served as an evening of indelible experiences, artistic expression, and the pioneering use of technology. Attendees departed with heightened spirits, artfully captured memories, and a newfound appreciation for the fusion of creativity and innovation for which Attic Studios is gaining recognition. Looking forward to what they come up with next year.

“We strive to bring together the most talented people across the entire city, across the film and photo media, in the most central and accessible boroughs, Queens,” says Clark. “We often succeed”. “Since several of the larger studios in the city have shuttered or moved operations elsewhere we are filling the void for prestigious studio and equipment rentals, with exceptional services, all under one roof. Flugoween is a great way we can show appreciation to our clients across the various media of photo, film, and TV, with a great partner, Scheimpflug.”

photography by LEANDRO JUSTEN