After a successful debut during AFW 2022, Atelier Reservé showcased the ‘Discomfort’ collection this year with great interest on the rooftop of the Adyen building at Oosterdok during AFW 2023. The idea behind the collection is that style, gender, and sizes are universal and constantly changing. Atelier Reservé stands for the belief that everyone can wear anything, anywhere, and at any time.

The show that took place on the afternoon of August 31st on the rooftop of the renowned Adyen building garnered attention. Through the clothing, the ‘Reservé Boys’ not only displayed their repurposing craftsmanship but also their vision: what is considered formal or casual fits, intended for men or women, and what size one should wear evolves with the years and seasons. The show was closed by top model Gia Bab. “I feel very sexy in this look, while some time ago I felt more attractive in a short, tight dress. That also indicates that a mindset can change. You should do things for yourself because it makes you feel good.”

“In our design process, we always want to pay homage to the original item. Not just in terms of form but also in terms of function. From there, we breathe new life into a product in terms of its look and feel, while considering the purpose of the product.”

Deyrinio Fraenk, Atelier Reservé

The two ‘Reservé Boys’ behind the brand, Creative Director Alljan Moehamad and designer Deyrinio Fraenk, focus on reviving old stock fabrics, used materials, and vintage clothing items. The brand’s focus is on redesigning and reinventing clothing items by using a combination of old and new mixed fabrics with uniquely designed Japanese and tattoo references. For Atelier Reservé, ‘one-of-a-kind’ means that each clothing item has its own story with its own unique form. All clothing items are handmade by a small team in their studio in Amsterdam.

Since 2016, the Amsterdam-based niche brand Atelier Reservé has been appealing to a new generation of consumers. This generation seeks sustainable and unique pieces with a story, unbound by conventional norms, fashion rules, or trends. Atelier Reservé follows its own non-conformist path and invites its wearers to do the same. The show was an invitation to think, act, and dress ‘differently’.