“Jeweler of kings, and king of jewelers.” —King Edward VII

One of the world’s premier luxury jewelers since the nineteenth century, Cartier evokes a world of artistry and beauty, a legacy of unequaled prestige. By 1909, Cartier was the first international jeweler of its time, with boutiques in Paris, London and New York, and warrants as official supplier to many royal courts. Cartier established a unique network founded on exceptional knowledge of the precious gemstone market and developed a revolutionary style that has proven timeless, a refined language capturing each era’s ephemeral nature, from sober restraint to enthusiastic opulence.

With its synthesis of technical ability and artistic sensitivity, global perspective and exacting perfection, Cartier has ensured its continuing client loyalty and enduring renown. Cartier’s cosmopolitan clientele, comprising strong women of character, refined esthetes and intellectual minds, from Jean Cocteau to Alberto Santos-Dumont, from the Maharaja of Nawanagar to the Duchess of Windsor, from Gloria Swanson to Elizabeth Taylor, have served as catalysts of renewal and stylistic influencers.

The neoclassical delicacy of the Garland style, the stylized geometrics of Art Deco, the iconic creations by legendary creative director Jeanne Toussaint, the evolutions of the Panther and Tutti Frutti motifs: Each new Cartier collection draws on wide-ranging esthetic inspirations, seeking to illustrate beauty in novel and unexpected forms. This handcrafted Ultimate Collection volume features engaging texts revealing the stories behind the creation of 100 of Cartier’s most stunning and innovative objects and jewels.

Hervé Dewintre is a renowned journalist specializing in the luxury sector. He served for ten years as editor in chief of watches and jewelry at the fashion magazine L’Officiel Paris before working as a freelance collaborator with leading national publications such as Le Point, for which he writes a weekly column, Le Figaro and its supplement, F, l’art de vivre. Since the beginning of his career, he has also been a regular consultant with major jewelry houses on Place Vendôme.