ASQUIN ’s second collection dazzled audiences once more with its moody universe and hardcore silhouettes. Entitled ‘ IRON ICONS ’, the show introduced a full range of menswear looks for the first time in addition to its ever – mesmerizing womenswear designs, to create its own indestructible genderfree army.

The concept of the IRON ICONS lies somewhere between Middle – Age fantasy and futuristic alien worlds. It is about the idea of deity, and how faith and worship are such universal yet futile notions. Each look of the show is its own godlike being, recognizable by all yet completely unique.

Live musician O da Louise and sword performer Seiko Phoenix were both perched at one side of the runway, and counted the tales of the IRON ICONS, in a menacing dancing – singing duet. Drag and ballroom performers stomped the runway amongst a diverse cast of models, in the middle of a brutalist set adorned with silver details, located in the outskirts of Paris.

Otherworldly shoulders and severe waists opposed flowy draped skirts and glamorous rhinestone encrusted pieces. Rigid silver vinyl and fetish faux leathers battled out light mesh fabrics and sparkly crystal silk. The colour palette goes back to the brand’s roots, using mostly black, red and silver, as well as its iconic acidic greens and purples, and introduces softer, more earthy colours, such as concert grey and heaven blue.

The garments raise the question of what it means to be tough and mighty, versus being soft and delicate. ASQUIN empowers and interrogates about gender, individuality and performance art, all while focusing more than ever on creating an extreme yet wearable line of clothing for all.