ASLAN World is a realm where dreams and fantasies entwine with everyday life, a place where creativity knows no bounds. At its heart are the signature maximalist chainmail gloves that have achieved legendary status among artists pushing the boundaries and left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. Under the artistic direction of CJ Aslan, this avant-garde brand weaves a collection of metal wear objects that beautifully encapsulate the essence of modern ethereality.

A New Collaboration with H.Lorenzo

ASLAN World is now set to embark on an exciting journey as it joins forces with H.Lorenzo, LA’s iconic store known for pushing the boundaries of fashion. This collaboration marks the debut of the highly anticipated FW23 Collection, featuring some of ASLAN World’s most sought-after pieces. Among them are the signature Teeth Flats, Ties, Pierced Bubble Letter Rings, Pierced Camo Hats, and a remarkable selection of three new elevated Chainmail Glove designs. To add to the excitement, never-before-seen metal Pierced Bags and Spikes Bow Earrings will make their exclusive debut in H.Lorenzo’s stores.

The campaign shoot for this collaboration was brought to life through the lens of photographer Ale Washington, with art direction by CJ Aslan. This special project epitomizes the shared commitment of visionary fashion designer CJ Aslan and the revered house of H.Lorenzo to push creative boundaries and redefine the LA fashion industry. The visuals captured during the campaign effortlessly convey the bold uniqueness for which ASLAN World is renowned.